Meet Our Staff

Tim Turner, PT_resize (14K)

Tim Turner, PT - Owner

Tim graduated with wife Cyndi in 1983 from Loma Linda University. After working in an inpatient facility, he came to Rehabilitation Works in 1986. Tim has extensive experience and continuing education in the areas of orthopedics (e.g., post-operative recovery, joint replacements), sports medicine, and return-to-work therapies. He also has significant experience in treating a variety of patients, including neurological and spinal cord injuries. Tim loves downhill skiing and spending time with family.

Cyndi Turner, PT

Cyndi Turner, PT - Owner

A graduate of Loma Linda University in 1983, Cyndi joined husband Tim at Rehabilitation Works in 1986. Formerly a supervisor at a neuro rehab facility, she loves looking at the whole body when developing individualized treatment programs. Cyndi has years of experience working with temporal-mandibular dysfunction, migraines/stress headaches, and orthopedic challenges. Eight years ago, Cyndi completed APTA requirements for certification achievement in Pelvic Pain. This program includes treatment for both men and women for pelvic challenges such as post-prostatectomy, urinary/fecal incontinence, interstitial cystitis, pelvic floor muscle spasms, pain with intercourse, tailbone pain, pelvic pain and pelvic muscle weakness. She loves to travel, paint, and participate in almost all water sports.

Anita Ollila, PT_resize (15K)

Anita Ollila, PT, CLT - Owner

Anita has been locally involved in pediatrics since her graduation from the University of Michigan in 1976. She worked in inpatient settings including NICU, PICU, and the school systems until joining Rehabilitation Works in 1986. She has worked with the multiple and diverse needs of those with developmental disabilities in acute and chronic conditions. Anita has significant experience in a variety of treatment techniques, ranging from myofascial release to neuro-developmental techniques to kinesiotaping. She has obtained additional training in Tai Chi techniques for balance, fall risk reduction and arthritic challenges as well as training relating to the needs of feet and breast cancer rehabilitation. Anita is also certified as a Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)/Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) therapist in 2006, by Klose Training & Consulting. She has attended continuing education classes through the Barral Institute for Visceral Manipulation of the Abdomen 1,2; and Neural Manipulation 1,2.

Therese Miller, PT

Therese Miller, PT

Therese graduated from St. Louis University in 1986, and has worked in a variety of therapy settings. She joined us in 2004 and enjoys orthopedics, sports, shoulder rehabilitation, and balance and gait disorders. She is well versed in kinesiotaping techniques and spine and joint rehabilitation. She is an avid skier and volunteers in the Program for Special Skiers at Timber Ridge.

Dawn Welch, MAPT

Dawn Welch, MAPT

Dawn graduated from U of M in 1965 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, and from MSU in 1977 with a Master's in Education. Her specialty is working with infants and children, and she has advanced training in Brachial Plexus Injuries, Juvenile Arthritis, and Neurological disorders in children. She has worked in the Netherlands, London, California, Ann Arbor (i.e., where she had the opportunity to work with Berta and Kail Bobath for 2 months), Lansing, and Kalamazoo. Dawn joined Rehabilitation Works in 2008. She is a volunteer for the Program for Special Skiers at Timber Ridge.


Joanne Ferguson Simoneaux, OTR/L

Joanne graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor of Sience in Occupational Therapy. She specialized in pediatrics for over 40 years, working in the Grand Rapids and Allegan Intermediate school districts. She came to Rehabilitation Works in 2007. Joanne has extensive training in child development and received certification as a Trauma and Loss School Consultant. She received the Jane Scandary Award for Early Childhood Special Needs in 2002 and was recognized by Governor Engler for this award. She was also nominated as Therapist of the Year by the Ambucs Association in 2003. Joanne has also trained in sensory integration, neurological developmental disorders, and in infant and child massage. She works with children ages one to 13 with sensory processing disorders, children with developmental delays in fine and gross motor, and with children with oral motor difficulties. Joanne's specialty areas include autism spectrum disorders. She is trained in the "Alert Program" for Self-Regulation, has certification training in the Therapeutic Listening Program under Shiela Frick, and is trained in the Beckman Oral Motor Program. Joanne volunteers for Alternatives of Kalamazoo and Bronson Methodist Hospital pediatric unit.

Jenifer Empson, MS, OTR/L

Jenifer Empson, MS, OTR/L

Jenifer is a graduate of Western Michigan University, obtaining her Master of Science, Occupational Therapy in December 2011 and Bachelor of Science, Interdisciplinary Health Services in December 2010. Since graduation, Jenifer has been working in an outpatient setting treating pediatric clients with a variety of diagnoses including ADD & ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Developmental Delay, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorders, as well as other motor delays. Jenifer is certified as a Therapeutic Listening Provider.

Jenifer has great passion for working with children of all abilities, and feels blessed to be a part of helping them reach their greatest potentials. Jenifer enjoys spending time with her family, bike riding and other outdoor activities, sewing, and crafting.