Many older adults experience difficulty with reduced mobility, which may be attributed to the typical aging process and many health conditions. Proactive therapy maximizes potential rehab benefits and efficient use of personal and insurance resources. Rehabilitation Works designs individualized treatment programs to prevent injury and improve function through exercise. In addition to our focus on physical impairments, we work with clients to explore other issues, which potentially impact mobilization. These areas may include personal perception of ability, anxiety, and socialization.

Older Adult Assessment

Because balance is commonly impaired in geriatric conditions, an assessment typically includes the following sensory systems:

Visual • Vestibular • Somatosensory

Other Balance Components Include:

  • Postural Alignment
  • Endurance
  • Timing/Coordination
  • Strength/Power
  • Range of Motion/Flexibility

Older Adult Treatment

  • Strengthening
  • Stretching to Improve Range of Motion)
  • Environmental Modifications/Assistive Devices
  • Training in Compensation Techniques
  • Challenging Balance to Reeducate Sensory Systems
  • Cardiovascular Exercise