About Us

Gym (28K) Mission statement:
Rehabilitation Works' goal is to provide quality care in a smoothly functioning practice whose pace is efficient without creating an air of hurry and confusion. We expect our care to be appropriate, timely, cost and time efficient, effective, and mutually satisfying for both care giver and recipient. We propose that caregivers and recipients be treated with dignity, respect, kindness, and courtesy. Also, we maintain that an important part of quality care is a motivated staff that is interested in professional growth and personal fulfillment.

"Helping your family move through life..."

In 1986 Physical Therapy Associates of Kalamazoo was purchased by its current owners at the Balch Street site. Due to ever changing insurance requirements and limitations, in 1996 the company pursued a higher level of recognition, and obtained a CRA (Certified Rehabilitation Agency) status from Medicare. Also at that time, to better represent the expanding services offer, a DBA ("doing business as") was obtained for the name Rehabilitation Works, representing physical, occupational, and speech therapy services.

Currently, with over 20 years of service to the community, Rehabilitation Works employs 9 therapists and 3 therapy assistants, representing a wealth of experience and expertise in areas such as orthopedics, women's health, lymphedema, and others of specific age groups. Our therapy team works closely with other professionals in the area to ensure quality of treatment tailored to individual patients.

We enjoy serving our community and continue to specialize in areas that will benefit people in need.